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I'm from Wales. I've acted on stages and on various TV shows in both English and Welsh! I love rugby, food, comedy, food, watching films and food. 

My favourite joke is "Have you ever had a beaver curry before? It's like a normal curry, but it's a little otter."
My favourite dance is probably Step in Time from the film Mary Poppins, where Dick Van Dyke dances on the rooftops of London! 
My favourite drama game is the easiest and silliest of them all... I call it "The land of back-to-front"...

My Theatre credits include Duncan/Porter in MACBETH, Treville/Planchet in THREE MUSKETEERS (Iris Theatre St Pauls Church). Tom in CAPTAIN FLINN AND THE PIRATE DINOSAURS (Les Enfants Terribles National Tour)
Mercutio in ROMEO AND JULIET UNZIPPED (Salisbury Playhouse)
I’m the voice of DJ Train Trax on the Netflix original Toot Toot Cory Carson-The Chrissy
When you’re old enough you’ll be able to play a video game called DEAD ISLAND 2 in which I play one of the heros. 
TV credits include Monty in The Statistical Probability of Falling In Love At First Sight and PC Fletcher in Eastenders. 
When I’m not acting I visit schools all over teaching drama based workshops. 
Favourite dance move is probably the floss. Goes with any song and you don’t need much space. 
Joke: There are two snakes. One turns to the other and asks “Are we poisonous?” Second one replies with, “I don’t know. Why?” 
First one comes back with “Cos I just bit my lip.”
Favourite Game - Is an awesome game called BISH, BASH, BOSH. It’s based on Rock, Paper, Scissors. But, instead of just your hands you have to use your whole body. And instead of Rock, Paper and Scissors, you have a Giant, Wizard and a Dwarf. Plus its played in teams. SO MUCH FUN!!!!

I've worked with children for many years. My10 years as a kids party entertainer helped to fund my legal studies and, since turning to professional acting 3 years ago, I have regularly toured my one man show to primary schools playing variously a mad scientist, a palaeontologist, WW1 and WW2 soldier and a Roman Legionary. In the grown up world I made my West End debut in 2022 in Agatha Christie’s Witness for the Prosecution and I keep wicket for the London Theatres Cricket Club. 
Favourite dance - lots of dad dancing (I'm a dad and stepdad to 6 kids!)
Favourite drama game - anything with a ball!
Favourite joke - “Why couldn’t Shakespeare buy a pint in the pub?” “Because he was Bard” 

I trained as an actor with NYMT and at East 15 Acting School. My theatre credits include The Merchant of Venice: 1936 (RSC/Watford Palace) The Habit of Art (Original Theatre, 59E59 Theater) Robin Hood (Theatre Royal Bury Dt Edmunds, Boeing Boeing (London Classic Theatre), Jack and the Beanstalk (Stephen Joseph Theatre), Twelfth Night, Romeo + Juliet (The Orange Tree Theatre), Henry V + The Tempest (Shakespeare's Rose Theatre, York), Offside (Futures Theatre), Macbeth, Frankenstein, A Christmas Carol (Box Clever), Property of Polka, The Wind in the Willows (Polka Theatre). I've also voiced lots of audio dramas for Audible and BBC Radio 4.

I've just graduated from the world famous Bristol Old Vic Theatre School where I performed in The Seagull, Macbeth, A Midsummer Night's Dream, amongst many other classics. 

I loved working with Infinite Jest earlier in 2023 on The Tempest and I'm delighted to be back in Leyton for their Food, Glorious, Food! devising week. Scrumptious! 

I established Infinite Jest with Fiona Putnam in 2009. We provide curriculum-supporting drama-based learning workshops in primary and secondary schools; we run holiday drama camps for primary school age children; we produce shows for young audiences. 

As an actor I've worked at the National Theatre, The Globe, Bristol Old Vi, Bath Theatre Royal, the New Vic Stoke, the Coronet Theatre, with the Michael Grandage Company, and have performed many plays for the Oxford Shakespeare Company. 

Favourite dance: the floss
Favourite joke: what did the policeman say to his tummy? You're under a vest
Favourite drama game: sudden death Grandmother's footsteps

I've been a professional actor for 20 years. I've performed all over the UK, including the National Theatre in London, and have been lucky enough to tour lots of different countries from Dublin to Dubai. Nowadays you'll mainly find me in Leyton where I live with my partner and two kids.....but I still yearn to travel....!
If you like your TV then you'll have seen me in Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Eastenders, A Very English Scandal, Breeders, Marriage....and loads more! 

After working with young people for over 15 years as an actor, arts charity volunteer, drama coach and creative support teacher at Griffin Schools Trust, I have a unique perspective on young people’s experiences of the arts and how the arts influences, supports and encourages their drive and access to learning.

I graduated from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, but have mainly spent my time concentrating my efforts on playing fun cheeky heroic characters who  possess unknown strength, or who obtain a magical flying vehicles or attempt track down and rescue missing animals. My personal hero’s include all those who make us laugh, clap, cheer and dance a little. Including but not limited to Olaf, Spider-Man, Kermit the frog, the Chuckle Brothers, Lionel Messi, Mr Tumble, Usain Bolt, Paul Zerdin, my Mum, Willy Wonka, Maya Angelou, Dr Who, Stephen Hawkin, Harry Potter, and Chase from Paw Patrol.

My fav dance move is The Renegade Dance
My fav joke is - What is the best birthday present? A broken drum, you can't beat it!
My fav drama game is Funny Fruit

I'm an Actor, Musician, Musical Director and Theatre Maker based in London, who particularly loves new writing, devised theatre and musical theatre. Recent Acting Credits include: Blood Harmony with ThickSkin (UK Tour); The Jungle Book (Watermill Theatre); Peter Pan (National Theatre); Pippi Longstocking (Royal & Derngate); The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (Southwark Playhouse). Recent Musical Directing Credits include: A Gig for Ghosts at Soho Theatre, Little Sausage at The Other Palace.
When I’m not on stage I love writing music, developing new shows and working on all things creative with brilliant young people across the country!

Favourite dance: The Funky Chicken
Favourite Joke: What does the cheese say when it looks in the mirror? Halloumi
Favourite Drama Game: Peanut Butter Jelly!

I am a London and Paris–based teacher with professional acting training and dance background. I also work as a childrens’ birthday party entertainer for DREAM & DAZZLE in London. I am a graduate of East 15 drama school, having trained at Cours Florent Drama School in Paris. I have worked as an English language teacher for The Little Friends, leading creative activity workshops, including paper crafts, songs and dance routines for children between 4-12 years old in the Parisian suburb Saint–Ouen. I have trained in Cabaret Dance style at Centre De Danse Du Marais in Paris and as a cheerleader with Dolls Dance Team Paris. I adore working with children and I always feel the responsibility to make my time with them unique, making sure I contribute to them learning important values and prioritizing their joy while triggering their imagination. I love playing charades and spending time with my little nephews who are addicted to Peter Pan; I am also a huge Disney enthusiast and my favourite classic film is The Lion King. However, I also appreciate stories with a darker side who come from ancient Greek Mythology.

Favourite dance move: The splits
Favourite Joke: What kind of dog does a magician have? A Labracadabrador!
Favourite Drama Game: Zip / Zap / Boing!

I am an Actor and Facilitator fand have toured theatre around the UK and Internationally in plays including Ajax, As You Like it, & Tartuffe amongst others. I am an Associate of The National Youth Theatre and a Lamda teacher. I have written and toured two solo comedy shows and have a few little awards for Stand-up comedy.
Favourite Dance Move: 'Oops, upside your head' 
Favourite Joke: What do call a dinosaur who was looking the other way?  Doyothinkysaurus?
Favourite Drama Game: Late for work 

I trained at the National Youth Theatre and Drama Centre London. My theatre credits include Antony and Cleopatra (National Theatre), Coriolanus, Julius Caesar, Titus Andronicus (RSC/Barbican), Arms and the Man (Watford Palace Theatre), The Darkest Part of the Night (Kiln), All's Well That Ends Well, Cancelling Socrates (Jermyn Street Theatre), and Flowering Cherry (Finborough Theatre). 

On the TV I've been in Father Brown and Call the Midwife. I recently wrote and starred in short film Ceres alongside Juliet Stevenson.

Favourite dance is the Emu (made up by me and loved by all)
Favourite joke is any joke involving cheese. What cheese is made backwards? Edam (get it?!)
Favourite drama game is Duck Duck Goose (because it's the bestest game ever). 

I'm an actor/theatre maker with an interest in visual storytelling, comedy and interactive work. I like to create work in both the mediums of theatre & film (@hannah_is_mossy). My theatre credits include; historical comedy Countess Jeanne & The Necklace Scam at The Drayton Arms, physical comedy Sorry…What Did You Say? at Watford Palace Theatre, and Offie nominated Valhalla by Gecko associate director Rich Rusk. My most recent screen credits include the supporting role of Lily in Don’t You Want Me Baby by Sisu Productions and Loo Chats created by BBC sketch writer Beth Noonan-Roberts.

I have lots of performing arts teaching experience, ranging from early years to 15 for drama, dance (street, modern, musical theatre), screen acting & singing. Nothing brings Hannah more joy than teaching young performers new skills, growing their confidence and most importantly having fun!

Favorite Dance Move - It's got to be the Floss!
Favorite Joke - I'm not superstitious, but I am a little stitious 
Favorite Drama Game - Splat

I am a theatremaker, writer and performer. Her first solo show Running on Air won a Scotsman Fringe First award for new writing and went on to tour the UK and France. I have worked extensively as a performer, co-devisor and dramaturg. Most recently I have worked as director with writer and performer Paul Macauley on his solo show My Heart Is S Spark’ which won the Audience Award for Best Show at the Brighton Fringe in 2022. I also collaborate frequently with composer and musican Tom Adams. 
I specialise in making work about tiny details, to be performed in unusual spaces.
I love working with children to create stories and adventures and have been working with Infinite Jest for 5 years. 

Favourite Joke: What can fly and see in the dark?  A duck with a torch 
Favourite drama game: Bibbity bibbity bop 
Favourite dance move: Any dance my son does as he’s so ridiculous and makes me laugh 

Theatre credits include MACBETH (Shakespeare’s Globe) A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM (Shakespeare's Globe), BARBER SHOP CHRONICLES (USA Tour/National Theatre), AMADEUS (National Theatre), PEOPLE, PLACES & THINGS (National Theatre/Headlong/Exeter Northcott), PETER PAN (National Theatre), AS YOU LIKE IT (National Theatre), RICHARD II (Shakespeare's Globe), THE ABSENCE OF WAR (Headlong/UK Tour), SPRING AWAKENING (Headlong/West Yorkshire Playhouse/UK Tour)
TV credits includes a recurring role in THIS WAY UP, a new Channel 4 series by Aisling Bea & Sharon Horgan, CALL THE MIDWIFE (BBC1) and ENTERPRICE (BBC3).
I was in HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN when I was a lot younger. 

My favourite dance move has to be the electric slide, it’s simple, you can use it with any song. (But also a secret moonwalk lover)
Favourite joke: What does a snail riding a tortoise say? SLOW DOWN! 
My favourite drama game is called ‘Chowee’. You close your eyes, walk around (CAREFULLY) and try and find everyone else in the space, by calling out chowee. You don’t want to be the last one calling out ‘Chowee’

I've worked all over the world as an actor having trained at the brilliant Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. Much of my acting work has been for young audiences for companies like Les Enfants Terribles, and the Little Angel Theatre. I've taught drama for Stagecoach for the last ten years and I'm now looking forward to bringing all my skills and passion to running Infinite Jest's The Tempest camp at Cornerstone Church Hall!!

I have had a passion for performing since I was a child. I've been treading the boards since I was 6. I trained to become a professional actor at the reputed Corazza Actor's Studio in Madrid, graduating in 2019. While at school and especially since graduating, I've combined my passions for acting and working with children, and have toured the UK with two different TiE plays. I work as a Children's Entertainer for birthday parties and as a Teacher Assistant both in SEN and Mainstream Schools.

Favourite dance: Tango, for sure!
Favourite joke: Nerdy jokes are the best jokes of all! "Parallel lines have so much in common. It's a shame they'll never meet..."
Favourite drama game: Love me some Soundscapes!

I trained at East 15 Acting school in Physical Theatre. Since graduating I spend my time working with children in the arts facilitating play and performance. And I love it!
My acting credits include Topsy Turvy Christmas (Blue Elephant) The Bear (Pins & Needles theatre) Alice in Wonderland (Derby Theatre) Tale of Two Cities (Red Shift Theatre company) Olivier nominated Alice’s Adventures Underground (Les Enfants Terribles)
Other credits The Scarlet Pimpernel (BBC radio 4) United Queendom (Les Enfants Terriblest and Historic Royal Palaces)The Magic Flute (The Royal Opera House) The Camouflage unit (Tea Dance for Little People and Imperial War museum) A theatre of doctors (The Royal College of Physicians)
My favourite joke is "Did you hear about the Baker who got an electric shock? He stepped on a bun and a currant shot up his leg”
My favourite dance move is the Charleston - if only I could actually do it well!
Favourite drama game - too many to choose from! I quite like a quick fire splat! or a story led game of Mafia!

I’m a creative producer and theatre-maker currently studying for an MA in Creative Producing at MOUNTVIEW. I’m also one of the Stage One ‘Bridge the Gap’ Producers and The Young Everyman and Playhouse Producers (YEP). Currently I’m the Assistant Produced for PUSH labs festival at HOME Manchester and developing a site-specific audio experience in Southwark. I’ve previously worked with companies such as Gecko, Dais Hale, Theatre Deli and Splendid Productions.
My first devised show as a theatre-maker, ‘I love you, But F*ck Off’ debuted at VAULT Festival in 2019 before being selected for the Shrill Voices Writing Residency that same year.
My favourite dance move:
Any kitchen disco moves
Favourite Joke: Why were the bakers hands brown? Because he kneaded a poo!
My favourite drama game: Fairytale Rock Paper Scissors OR That’s my ball!

I'm an actress and workshop leader originally from South Wales. I've performed at The Royal National Theatre (The Boy with Two Hearts, Macbeth), National Theatre Wales (Before I leave / Mission Control / Lung Water ) , The Kite Runner (West End) . Screen credits include Dr.Who, Requiem, Skellig, Twelfth Night and Myths of Ancient Greece. Workshops that I lead include. Macbeth (NT), Mametz, (NTW) , Shakespeare For Performance (RADA Ent), Physical Theatre (Fio Theatre Company.)

My fave dance: I’m Welsh / Iranian so love to do Persian dancing .
My fav joke: Who wrote Great Eggspectations? Darles Chickens
My fav game: The name game, with the walk , and ball catch’s a tricky one !

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